Linetime Training Information

Training is very much an integral part of the working partnership between Linetime and its users. An increasing number of practices now realise that seeking to minimise expense by avoiding training is a false economy. The message here is simple. The better your users know their way around Liberate from Linetime applications the greater the ultimate return will be.

Linetime’s specialist team of trainers will not just show your users which buttons to press but help partners, fee earners and support staff to get the most out of your investment in Linetime software.

We also provide specialist training on associated software applications such as the Microsoft Office Suite.

Linetime Training Department provides the following services:

Standard Courses OR Customised to provide "task-led" training

Training can be tailored to meet individual customer requirements. Courses can be either 'content based' where the focus is on exploring all aspects of Liberate software, or 'task-led' where focus is on those elements of Liberate users need to know to perform their individual task.

On Site Support
You've bought the system, they have had the training but will they use it? On site support - does just that - supports the users through the initial days after go live ensuring that knowledge gained in training is consolidated and applied from the outset, giving you a greater return from your investment.

Training Needs Analysis

Helping to identify training needs and target training where it is needed most.