Liberate Self Serve

Liberate Self Serve gives clients secure access to key documents and data along with status and progress reports. It also provides a number of interactive features to promote proactive involvement with their case.

The system has been specifically written to work on mobile devices, tablets and laptops. Providing you have internet access, the software will run on any device from anywhere.

The facilities provided by Liberate Self Serve include:

  • Case overview and general information     liberate self serve

  • List of previous activity – case history, selected documents & emails  liberate self serve
  • Notifications
  • Form filling and data capture
  • Ability to pay bills on-line liberate self serve
  • Option to rate the service provided and submit feedback
  • Messaging facility

Liberate Self Serve can provide the sophisticated 24/7 access that clients have come to expect in the internet age.