Rogers & Norton invest in the future

“We consider ourselves to be leaders in our field and therefore we like to deal with other similarly successful organisations like Linetime.”

Operating from a stylishly converted listed building in Norwich, Rogers & Norton was founded in 1982. Since that time the firm has grown significantly as its reputation developed both within the city and nationwide. The firm now has 10 partners and over 70 fee earners and support staff.

The firm’s philosophy centres on understanding clients’ needs and developing practical, high quality solutions that meet their requirements at a competitive price. The partners and fee earners pride themselves on speaking plain English and providing all clients with straightforward and understandable help and advice.

From its inception the firm has understood the tremendous benefits to be gained from the application of the latest technology to their business and has a tradition of investing accordingly.  It installed its first IT system ahead of most other firms and first installed Linetime’s Practice II Accounts and Practice management software nine years ago.

As Bruce Faulkner one of the firm’s partners commented, “When we opened for business we implemented what we considered to be the best IT legal business solution that was available – which by today’s standards was pretty basic. As the years rolled by we discovered Linetime’s product range which after extensive research we concluded suited our needs best.  In particular we wanted a package that allowed us to write our own case management procedures. The business flourished and I’m convinced that this was in no small part to our continued commitment to computer automation in all its forms.

“Our latest investment, following a further examination of the modern legal software marketplace, is in the latest Liberate software suite from Linetime. We decided to roll out Liberate to all 80+ desks within the firm so that everyone could benefit from what we believe to be the best and most comprehensive legal software system on the market, from a highly professional outfit providing excellent software support.“ Being heavily committed to IT, coupled with the open plan layout of the offices, enables us to provide a highly efficient cost effective service to all our clients from individuals to PLCs. “Although we are based in Norwich the firm acts for clients on a nationwide basis again aided by our commitment to IT. We believe that the availability of modern communications products such as Liberate Online will enable us to continue to develop this nationwide business plan, in the full knowledge and confidence that we can service clients’ requirements irrespective of their location.”

Rogers & Norton specialise in most areas of the Law (except Criminal). They offer a range of Online services including Personal Injury Claims, Matrimonial and Conveyancing. They also have a full range of services for Business as well as a Private Client department working on Wills & Probate and are happy to take on Agency work.

Bruce Faulkner again, “The reason we chose the Liberate suite of software rather than any of the other products we considered, was quite simply because we believe that Liberate is the best.  We have been very impressed with Linetime as a company over the past nine years and were confident that in Liberate they would continue to deliver.  In addition we believe that Linetime’s commitment to continued product development and the upward scalability of all their products matches our own business and IT philosophy perfectly.

“Over the years we have found it very rewarding to work with what is undoubtedly one of the foremost legal software development teams in the country. The quality of this team is exemplified by the fact that they were the first legal software supplier to be recognised by Microsoft as .NET specialists, receiving appropriate accreditation for their efforts.
“However, irrespective of the future, if we didn’t believe that the implementation of Liberate would enable us to improve our overall profitability then we would have chosen something else.

“To this end we are confident that we will gain a number of significant and tangible benefits from implementing Liberate. For example, the software’s excellent management reporting functionality will provide us with more control over all aspects of the business, leading to greater efficiencies and lower costs.

“Other benefits will accrue from improved client service through the use of the Liberate Contact Marketing software, coupled with the enhanced online services that will enable clients to monitor their cases remotely, saving fee earner time, once again increasing overall efficiency, leading to greater profitability.

“Quite simply we think that the latest Law Society Software Solutions Guide has got it right when they voted Linetime the country’s Number 1 Legal Software Supplier.”