Online Case Tracking and Collaboration

A powerful tool that allows clients to review current case and matter details, create new cases and matters and exchange instructions.

Liberate B2C extends the comprehensive functionality of the Liberate Case Management system into the clients' own premises. Via a secure Internet connection Liberate B2C users are able to submit and receive instructions and review individual cases and matters. Error rates are reduced and a full audit-trail of all transactions is maintained.

Individual private clients are allowed to view their own case details whilst the Partner Zone allows "bulk referrers / Business partners" to view details of all their client's transactions.

Clients are provided with an up-to-the-minute, real-time view - tracking their cases as they progress through the Liberate Case Management system. Client service is improved and fewer interruptions means Fee Earners quickly become more productive.

For firms involved in debt recovery the system allows debtors to make online secure credit and debit card payments and furthermore clients can enter transaction details of payments received directly ensuring that client and users systems are kept ‘in sync’.

Liberate B2C – Administrator Utility

Security and Control - Internet enabled applications demand absolute security of access and integrity of data. The Liberate B2C Administration Utility contains everything a user needs to ensure maximum data security and access control.

Liberate B2C – Standard Edition

• Live web-based 24/7 On-line case tracking
• encryption level to clients own webserver and password protection
• Customizable ‘look & feel’
• User-definable data ‘views’
• Case and matter information review
• New instruction submission
• Case & Usage Statistics Package
• Efficient ‘Sort & Search’ facilities

Additional Options:

• View case history on-line with:
          Integral Liberate document viewer
          Integral Liberate e-mail viewer
• Enhanced submission facilities including:
          ‘Bulk’ entry for volume work and Individual case transactions
• Access to library of pre-defined reports
• Access to end-user Report Generator
• Online credit/debit card payments
• Conveyancing Quotation System

“The ability to interface directly to the Internet via Liberate B2C is a crucial and major benefit. For a firm to be able to offer clients direct access (via a secure Internet connection) to their own cases and enable them to quickly and easily submit on-line instructions, was perceived by our steering group as a great benefit for the future. As you can imagine, such a facility improves the whole debt management process enormously. If you improve the speed and accuracy with which you communicate with both your clients and their customers you have improved the overall efficiency of the whole process. This undoubtedly improves your firm’s overall profitability.”