Liberate Practice Management - Mason Baggott & Garton

Mason Baggot & Garton specialise in Conveyancing, Criminal and Family Law and operate from three offices across North Lincolnshire.

Along with many firms in similar circumstances, Mason Baggott & Garton came to realise that their computer system, which they had been using for a number of years, was actually restricting their growth in what was an increasingly competitive world.

In their quest to improve the firm’s internal efficiency whilst also improving the standard of client service, they decided that their next choice of software supplier would have to offer solutions that were state-of-the-art, something their existing supplier had failed to do. They wanted to invest with a company that was committed to developing its software in line with modern legal thinking and the very latest technology.

Liz Turner the firm’s Practice Manager commented, “After a long search we chose Linetime and their Liberate system which has proven to provide us with many operational benefits. One of the software features that has resulted in us obtaining these benefits is the excellent financial reporting of the Practice management system. This one feature has made it much easier for us to cost individual jobs and hence ensure maximum profitability.

“The installation of the desktop email facility was another boon to the firm’s day to day operation. Not only did it reduce the mountain of internal paperwork, but as we operate over three offices it reduced the travelling time for partners involved in staff supervision, improving efficiency and reducing costs. Another significant benefit was the fact that the fee earners now require less secretarial support and all aspects of compliance and conflict checking are automatically taken care of within the system.

“The Practice Management System’s on-screen Time Recording system has been particularly valuable as fee earners are now able to record their time in a variety of ways thereby making it much easier to minimise unproductive or non-chargeable time. The system’s library of current LSC rates is also a boon as is the ability to produce our own ‘custom’ charges for either fee earner, client or matter type.”

Sir John Mason, Senior Partner. “We are very pleased with the Liberate system as we are with Linetime the company, the technical support they provide and the on-going relationship we have developed. We view this latter point as key to our continued growth and success.”