Helping in-house lawyers deliver quality legal service

The legal services landscape is rapidly evolving. In house teams need to deliver their services much more effectively. It's not enough to be great lawyers. It's not enough even to be more efficient. In house lawyers will need all of these qualities to meet increasing expectation and to manage the ever increasing burden of compliance and risk.

To do this, we think they'll need a system that can deliver both efficient back office processing, file management and at the same time be capable of providing improved collaboration with colleges and ‘clients’. We believe Linetime Liberate provides a complete legal business management solution delivered from a single platform.

But rather than list what we do and why we think it's better, we'd like to tell you about how we've helped some in house teams, big and small, to become more efficient, more competitive and more capable.

We helped a leading accountancy firm support their 100 in house lawyers. The introduction of a single electronic file improved team collaboration. In order to ensure all activities are recorded the system provides “wrap around” time recording capturing the activities of the lawyers as they work. An integral part of the team’s work required working to strict milestones – the systems key date management ensures all dates are monitored.

We helped a leading insurance group manage their loss recovery. The in house team needed to deliver an efficient service to support the high volume work. This was achieved by providing the team with electronic process management – cutting the cost of delivery and increasing the quality of service.

We helped a leading retailer improve the way they deliver their legal services to support their internal clients. Better team collaboration improved overall efficiency. The introduction of a central electronic file reduced the overall administrative burden. All emails, documents, scanned information are all readily available. The introduction of a central data store couple to outline document templates helps deliver a consistent quality of service.

And we at Linetime don't think of ourselves as just making software – we provide client service that separates us from our competition and makes us part of your team.

To find out more about our work within the legal sector please find the case studies section.

An example of our work with in-house legal please follow: Next plc in-house legal team select Liberate matter management from Linetime.