Hewitts - Practice Management

Following their merger with Cohens Solicitors, Hewitts a large practice with several offices throughout North East England, found themselves the owners of two solicitors accounting systems, each from a major supplier – Evolution from AIM and Liberate from Linetime.

The Aim product had arrived as part of the merger, whilst Liberate had been acquired in 2002 by Hewitts as a replacement for their aging Miles 33 system.

Faced with the dilemma of deciding which system to take forward, John Elmes, practice manager at Hewitts initially chose to expand the usage of Evolution.

John comments, “Once the merger was finalised there was a need to integrate the two entities quickly and we felt it would be more effective to adopt the system in use at Cohen’s as this had been deployed to a greater number of users.

“However, this has not proven as efficient as we had hoped and after detailed analysis of both systems we decided to revert to our original plan and roll out Liberate to all our offices, including the ex-Cohen’s locations. The decision was actually made jointly by a committee of IT and user representatives who, after much discussion and careful consideration voted 5 – 0 in favour of Liberate.

John continued “Whilst both systems have their strengths, the two areas which are very important to us, bank reconciliation and management reporting, are so much better with Liberate. Having made this difficult decision we are now working closely with Linetime to ensure the success of the project. User training is scheduled and all data will now be transferred from Evolution to Liberate.”

Tony Klejnow, Managing Director of Linetime: “Hewitts are a go-ahead practice and further expansion will undoubtedly take place. Everyone at Linetime is delighted that Hewitts have chosen Liberate as the system to help take them forward. As we continue to develop Liberate the additional functionality will be made available to Hewitts, as it is to all our users.”