Gordon Brown Associates Using Technology for Customer Benefit

Gordon Brown Associates was established in 1981 as a general high-street legal practice and is today an extremely successful practice with 3 partners and over 40 employees.

The commitment to provide customer service of the highest possible quality is, and always has been, uppermost in the mind of Senior Partner Gordon Brown.

Mr. Brown comments: ‘even when the practice first started we had a word processor that offered a basic level of automation to the conveyancing department. Over the years we have always kept up-to-date with advances in technology and, wherever practicable, used these new technologies to improve our own business performance and our customer service level’.

The firm began using case management software some six years ago and the first system installed served the practice well. However, the success of the firm’s litigation department coupled with advances in hardware and software technologies meant that, in order to improve the high standard of service already offered, the firm needed to investigate the installation of ‘second-generation’ case management software. The company did its homework and thoroughly researched the market. Initially investigating the products of ten suppliers, they short-listed the two that most closely fir their selection criteria for full evaluation.

Amongst criteria set by Gordon Brown Associates were the ability to easily integrate with Microsoft Office and other leading ‘industry-standard’ applications. The system chosen also had to be extremely flexible and user-friendly whilst retaining a firm level of control over office procedures. The quest for optimum efficiency meant that, wherever possible, data should be entered once only, and then used throughout the system.

After much careful deliberation the Liberate Case and Practice Management solution from Linetime Limited was selected. A joint project team was swiftly formed with Linetime taking overall responsibility for all aspects of the implementation. This included supply, delivery and installation of hardware, system software and application software. Linetime also took responsibility for complete conversion of all accounts data.

Commenting on his decision to purchase the Liberate solution Mr. Brown said: ‘we were conscious that we were making a decision that would affect the practice long-term. Not only did we investigate the product functionality but we also looked closely at the training and post-sales service offered by Linetime. We were pleased to find that the company, like ourselves, are people oriented and professional to deal with. The product is excellent, with many useful features and is competitively priced. We have put our trust in Linetime and they have worked closely with us to tailor the system to meet our individual needs.’

Since implementing Liberate Gordon Brown Associates have been able to more effectively delegate key tasks within the Conveyancing procedure to less-qualified staff. The ability of the Liberate case management system to guide staff into following a pre-determined set of procedures has helped make the conveyancing team more cost-effective and therefore more profitable. The Liberate legal software suite brings the benefits of web-enabled, single-database systems and effective management information to legal practices. Liberate supports all aspects of case and practice management, and a fully functional debt recovery module is also available, as is software to manage the client/practice relationship.