Compliance (OFR)

Outcomes Focused Regulation / Lexcel Compliance

In order to meet the needs of regulatory compliance firms need to put in place COLPs and COFAs responsible for ensuring their firms compliance with all its regulatory obligations. To effectively manage this, the compliance officers need systems designed with compliance and risk monitoring built in.

Liberate users can benefit from the OFR / Compliance module which is designed to support the compliance officers in ensuring practice standards are met, risks monitored, file audits recorded.

In summary the key elements of Liberate compliance are:

• Ability to store Practice Policy documents
• Ability to store Strategic plans
• Fully compliant Financial Management system in accordance with the SRA Accounts Rules
• Comprehensive Time Recording
• People Management Module (HR)
• Risk Management application and Register
• Comprehensive Client Care process (from inception of the case to the conclusion)
• Key Date and Undertaking Register
• Complaints Management application and Register
• File Review application and Register
• Barrister and Experts Register
• KPI’s analysing risk, complaints and file reviews practice wide