Client Relationship Management (Marketing)

Looking to grow your practice – Liberate CRM will help you both know your client and market your current and prospective clients.

Liberate CRM gives firms an immediate start as it enables them to make use of the information they already have in their Liberate database. With the ability to compliment this with the addition of “prospective” client data Liberate CRM provides marketing teams the ability to prospect for new business from both existing and prospective clients.

Liberate CRM enables firms to maximise the information they already have and to communicate quickly and easily with selected individuals or groups of clients.

Not only does it enable intelligent use of all existing client data, it also provides the ability to import data from contact lists for use in proactive direct marketing business development campaigns.

This integrated module can be easily tailored to meet the specific needs of any organisation and has been designed to be easy to use by a practice's Marketing Manager.

Identify Marketing Opportunities

Using an English language query you can now intelligently interrogate all the data held in your Liberate database and segment into campaign lists to drive niche marketing strategies.

For example:
• How many of your commercial clients who spent over £5,000 with you last year do not use you for 
  debt collection or employment law?
• How many of your residential conveyancing clients have not asked you to make a Will for them?
• How many clients for whom you have prepared a Will have not been offered the opportunity of an 
  Enduring Power of Attorney?
• Which of your clients would appreciate an invite to an evening at the theatre?
• Which of your clients or prospects would be interested in a seminar on tax planning?

Client Relationship Management 
Win more business from existing clients and prospects

One factor that often prevents firms from being able to maximise the potential of their existing client base is the inability to easily access previously entered information. Liberate CRM mines data contained within the Liberate practice / case management database and as part of the installation phase we will show you how to unlock this valuable information store.

Identify client needs and improve client service

With Liberate CRM you can quickly and easily search client information and identify areas of interest appropriate to them. You can also specify a wide range of additional criteria. This might include, for example, the amount billed each year, size and type of organisation or information on personal interests and hobbies.

Target mailings to selected clients, Prospects and contacts

Liberate CRM has an easy to use input facility that allows quick completion of profile data for new clients and contacts. This can then be integrated and cross-referenced with data from other Liberate applications and used for efficient and effective communication with your prospects by either e-mail or post.

Easy to Input Client & Contact Information

The single Liberate database means that all prospects, existing client information, Case or Financial is readily at hand for use in helping to develop new business.
Targeted Marketing Campaigns and Events

Having identified your target audience a simple "point and click" merges this selection in order to prepare a targeted mailing.

• Using our CRM response monitor, you can collate all responses, appointments, record future actions
  and new business won

• You will be able to review the effectiveness of every marketing initiative

• Mail prospects either ‘en-masse’ or individually, either electronically or by post

Event Management Made Easy

Whether you run business-themed seminars, hold golf days or organise other corporate functions, the Event Manager function enables these events to be managed from initial prospect selection through the life of the event. Distinguish between commercial and private clients and tailor the marketing activity to meet your own specific requirements. This powerful CRM facility will enable you to select who you want to invite, produce your invitations, monitor acceptances and responses, plan appropriate follow up and then intuitively offer suggestions for future contact.

Target Prospective Clients & Improve PR

• Import lists of prospective clients or third party referrers into your marketing database

• Plan and execute selective direct marketing campaigns

• Improve your PR with those who need to know. Promote new services or simply tell clients your ‘good
  news’ quickly and easily