Client Connect

In this digitally-connected, media-aware society, we are offered new, more effective ways to communicate. Legal services are no exception and it is more important than ever to provide the best possible level of modern communication options that are both familiar to your clients and innovative.

Cybercrime is now said to cost UK industry £2.8 billion per year and that figure is growing. One of the main reasons for the increase in exposure to this threat is the fact that lawyers and clients increasingly communicate by electronic means. Most law firms have now invested heavily in terms of IT security but they are unable to control the equipment used by its clients.

Many home PCs are not protected by up to date anti-virus software and system updates. This raises the threat of not knowing if it is really the client you are communicating with or a malicious criminal entity.

Client Connect is an enhanced client service facility that allows you to communicate directly with your clients using online devices such as smart phones, iPads/Tablets and PCs. The features available with Client Connect allow clients to be “invited” to log on by email followed by entry of a PIN communicated by SMS text and the insertion of a memorised password chosen by the client at the start of the engagement. Once logged in successfully, the client can provide information to the firm through easy to define input screens which avoid the re-keying of data.

You can “Push” notifications or request feedback in real time, such as:

• Satisfaction surveys;
• Interim service feedback;
• Security checks (e.g. validation of bank account details);
• CRM data cleansing;
• Case information requests;
• Online document production; and
• Direct client data input for data cleansing and campaign management.

Client Connect will direct the recipient to an online form via email or SMS and automatically feed the results directly into the database.