Residential Possession

The Residential Possession case management system provides the framework to handle all aspects of mortgage repossession, landlord and tenant and defended possession cases. A comprehensive library of screens, documents and workflows to process the above work types is delivered as standard.

The case management software, can be tailored for your individual needs to accommodate high volume introducer work.

Residential Possession - Workflows

Automation of routine repetitive functions enables possession tasks to be completed efficiently and to a defined standard.

The generation of standard letters, forms, reminders and SMS client updates can all be easily automated.

Workflows can also generate any required financial and time transactions.

The workflows are not ‘set in stone’ and can be modified using the inbuilt Designer software. Users can modify screens, documents and workflows to meet their own and their clients individual requirements.

Integrated forms

The Liberate Residential Possession system is integrated with electronic forms from both Oyez and Laserform.

Intelligent forms validate input reducing the risk of errors. Auto-population with case data saves time and effort.

Case History

A full electronic History of all activity is maintained for each case. All correspondence produced is stored, as are copies of all outbound and inbound e-mails. File and Telephone notes, SMS messages and scanned documents, digital images can also be held within the case history.

This complete History assists in file auditing and file monitoring and compliance with internal and external standards.

Links to Financials – No Reposting
The Residential Possession workflows can be seamlessly integrated with the Liberate Legal Accounting module.
The ability to automate the generation and posting of financial and time transactions improves efficiency and accuracy.

The tracking of time and disbursements ensures the true costs of the case are at the fee earner's finger tips.

Online Possession Case Tracker

The optional case tracking system services two distinct types of client.
- The individual requiring access to details of a specific case
- The referrer of bulk work who requires access to information on all of their cases.
Client communication is improved with users having access to transaction ‘milestone’ information and more.