Plot Sales

Managing portfolio cases and plot sales

For firms specialising in plot sales and portfolio case types the ability to manage caseloads efficiently is key. Linetime’s Liberate case management and online case tracking has been designed to simplify what can otherwise be a cumbersome task and at the same time provides greater accessibility for law firms clients.

Key features

Create portfolio cases in bulk or individually - Sub cases within a portfolio can be created in bulk or individually. Information common throughout the sub cases automatically replicates.

Transfer multiple plots - plots can be moved from one client record to another.

Lead case information - core information regarding a development, e.g. management company information, title numbers, dates for approvals of estate plans are stored on the lead case. All of this information can be referenced on the individual sub cases within the same portfolio.

Grouping subcases - Subcases can be grouped together, e.g. Freehold Properties, Leasehold Properties, Phase 1, Phase 2.

Replicate information - Information for subcases may be replicated across other subcases at any point throughout the life of the case. e.g. if the sale price is the same for multiple plots being sold.

Rapid case type replication - Create new case types and amend / expand to suit new clients and new developments.

Site specific documentation - Documents specific to a site can be created within the lead case, e.g. contracts and transfers that can then be utilised on all of the plots as and when they are sold. When these documents are produced within the subcases, the plot information can be merged into the documents.

Automated document production - sophisticated conditional checks automatically tailor documents as they are produced.

Bulk Archive - The lead case and all of the plots within that structure can be archived in bulk as well as being archived on an individual basis.

Online Access

Firms can improve communication with clients and service levels through the use of Liberate online case tracking. This provides 24/7 access to case information, reducing the level of enquiries dealt with by the fee earners. Clients benefit from access to information outside standard working hours ideal for those requiring weekend and evening access.