Land Registry Business Gateway

The following options are available within the Liberate link to the LRBG.

1. Enquiry by property description

This is a key application as it returns the title number of the property which is key to many of the other applications. The title number is returned based on the address supplied. Partial or full addresses can be supplied. The result is returned into a data item on the case.

The LR make no charge for this search.

2. Official Copy - Title Known

This application returns a PDF to the case history or if the title is more complex, a message will be returned in a data item on the case with further information. In this case it may mean that the results are returned via the post.

3. Official Search of Whole with Priority

A PDF would be returned onto the case history on successful submission of this search, if the title is more complex or the submission has failed for whatever reason, the detail will be written to a data item on screen and a polling request added (where applicable).

4. Bankruptcy Search

This application carries out a bankruptcy search against individuals or companies. A PDF document is returned for an individual search with the Company search details being sent back via post.

5. Index Map Search

Searches of the Index Map, either with or without a plan attachment can be carried out. Results of the search will be returned via post. A Simple success or failure response will be received on initial submission of the search.

Summary and LR Charges

If the requests are not successful on initial submission a polling request is scheduled within the central command level area. The requests would then be manually re-polled by a user, in bulk from command level.

The prices charged by the Land Registry are detailed on their web site at the following location:

Customers are charged for the above services through their existing VDD accounts with the exception of Online Ownership Verification which is a commercial service and billed separately. There is a choice of paying up front or monthly invoicing and the pricing is volume based.