The latest Liberate e-Conveyancing case management add-on e-SDLT Wizard is designed to save you time and effort when completing and submitting lengthy and complex SDLT 1 forms.

Liberate case management already holds the SDLT information for each individual transaction and uses an Oyez intelligent template to populate and validate the form contents.

The completed and validated form is electronically submitted to the new HMRC Gateway - without the need to re-key.

Using the integrated e-SDLT Wizard, you significantly reduce the number of forms rejected and returned – in fact you could put an end to them entirely!

If queries do arise then e-SDLT Wizard returns an instant notification from the HMRC detailing any problems, reducing the risk of penalty and late payment charges.

But that’s not all…

Immediately the SLDT 1 form is accepted the validated SDLT 5 submission receipt is returned directly into the Liberate conveyancing system.

The returned SDLT 5 can be printed off and sent to the appropriate Land Registry along with all other necessary documents for registration.

Screen shot of our legal case management software e-sdlt
So you can:

• Complete your purchase
• Submit your SDLT 1 form
• Receive your SDLT 5 certificate
• Pay Stamp Duty
• Apply for registration
• Close your file


All on the same day as completion!

Further benefits of integration…

A copy of the submitted SDLT 1 form and validated submission receipt (including UTRN) is stored in the case history for audit trail purposes.

On receipt of the UTRN the Liberate case management system triggers automatic Stamp Duty payment, producing individually referenced cheques and payment advices.