Matter Management for Company and Commercial

For fee earners involved in a complex and more ad hoc type of matter e.g. company and commercial work, Liberate SE can be operated in matter management mode. This allows them to take advantage of facilities such as version control, categorisation, optional document comparison, PDF creation and so forth without the burden of having to define their processes. They can still adhere to the house style and e.g. client care formalities, but are free to continue to work in the way that their area of expertise requires. In addition they can improve service to their clients by e.g. publishing current leases and other selected documents and report via the B2C client portal.

Team Working

A shared electronic file of all emails, correspondence and file notes assists teams to work more efficiently.

Document version control – monitor progression and check for changes

Whenever a document is produced by Liberate SE it automatically generates the appropriate version data i.e. date time, operator and version number. Options exist to display all related versions and to compare them electronically. Differences can be printed or saved to PDF which can itself be attached to the file as an historic record.

Consistent Service

Access to stand precedents or framework documents support the provision of consistent output to clients. These templates used in conjunction with the inbuilt contacts database, provide quick build base documents allowing lawyers to focus on content. Any amendments to documents create new versions and a version control listing maintained.

Working with Outlook and Office

Liberate SE has a seamless interface with MS Office. The link with Outlook and the management of both incoming and outgoing email, is particularly strong. This allows users to work confident in the knowledge that all correspondence and communication is being recorded and held in a secure manner.

The system uses special techniques so that even when an item is removed from an individual’s inbox a copy remains secure in a central location. All of these items can be backed up centrally giving the control and protection that a modern day practice requires.

Document Bundling

Liberate SE maintains a case history of all emails, documents, excel spreadsheets, file notes and scanned images. Using the optional PDF bundling, clients are able to choose selected items or the full history and create a single PDF. Ideal for submission to 3rd parties.