Legal Document Management

Liberate document management - providing lawyers with a simple to use centralised document management system. An intuitive interface assists lawyers in managing their files and maintaining a secure central store.

A key element in the uptake of an electronic document management system is simplicity. Liberate SE provides a seamless interface with MS Office. Users working within Outlook can simply drag and drop emails to the relevant file. A simple right click option shows the complete file history including documents, scans and emails. All of these document management features available without leaving the familiar environment of Microsoft Outlook

A shared record
The use of a centralised document management store supports collaborative working. Team members can share the information digitally – no need to search for a paper file. All emails, documents, scans, audio / voice recordings and file notes can be retained within the document management system.

Security and disaster planning
Data stored electronically brings benefits other than improved efficiency. No paper files left for prying eyes. Individual electronic files can be tagged with authorised users keeping information confidential and minimising risk. In the event of a disaster the complete electronic file is retained within the overall IT disaster plan. A lost paper file cannot be recovered.

Consistent standards
Liberate document management supports the production of documents from standard templates. This assist in the production of consistent standards of output retaining house style and consistency of correspondence.

Control versions
A key element provided as an integral element of the document management system is version tracking. The embedded version control monitors and records the version history of documents. Options exist to compare versions, highlighting changes.