Legal Matter Management Software

Liberate SE Matter Management - document management - supports both complex and varied work types. However, it also provides many of the benefits associated with a full case management system. The difference is – you only use the features that you want to.


If your type of work is ad hoc with no case the same, then Liberate SE is for you. Apart from the option of using standard procedures during case inception and closure, your process can be workflow free!

Assisted Document Production

Liberate SE produces documents based on standard templates but with the ability to alter and vary these. Options exist to enforce version control and to allow different versions to be compared.

A Complete Record

Liberate SE allows the user to store everything pertaining to a case. A completely electronic file means no more hours searching for the paper files.

Get Organised

Store all your documents and contacts in easy to access categories. Drag and drop contacts onto a case. Click a contact, click a precedent to quickly correspond by email or traditional FAX or letter.

What's so special?

Electronic file – one click .PDF bundle creation

Liberate SE allows the retention of all types of file. WP, email (in and out), FAX ,SMS text, Excel, scanned images and file notes.

All these items are easy to find within the case history. Individual items can be viewed, printed or changed (subject to permissions). If required, the whole file, or selected items, can be sent to a single .PDF file for disclosure to 3rd parties. An option exists to even index and paginate the assembled file.

Document version control – monitor progression and check for changes

Whenever a document is produced by Liberate SE it automatically generates the appropriate version data i.e. date time, operator and version number. Options exist to display all related versions and to compare them electronically. Differences can be printed or saved to PDF which can itself be attached to the file as an historic record.

Multiple sessions – no more interruptions

Liberate SE allows any number of cases to be open at the same time. They all get their own window and WP session. As a result, there is no need to exit one item to handle an enquiry into another. If the phone rings, you simply fire up another case level session.

All the time the “command level” lists the currently open cases. One click and you are back where you left off.

In a similar manner, any number of free notes can be started and stopped. These are displayed in a central view and can be allocated to cases at the operator’s convenience. Warnings are given in the event of items remaining unallocated.

MS Office and Outlook integration – link directly to the king of the desktop

Liberate SE has a seamless interface with MS Office. The link with Outlook and the management of both incoming and outgoing email, is particularly strong. This allows users to work confident in the knowledge that all correspondence and communication is being recorded and held in a secure manner.

The system uses special techniques so that even when an item is removed from an individual’s inbox a copy remains secure in a central location. All of these items can be backed up centrally giving the control and protection that a modern day practice requires. 

Liberate Voyager

Browser based mobile access for fee earners whilst they are away from the office, visiting clients or at court. Designed with a very “light” data footprint this browser based web application will help to maximise performance and provide new levels of customer service delivery.

• Fee earner access anywhere
• Mobile time recording
• Full case history and task list
• Research links and legal news feeds
• Secure – does not require data to be downloaded

browser based mobile access for fee earners whilst they are away from the office, visiting clients or at court