Business Intelligence

Liberate Business Intelligence - KPIs and Charts to monitor and understand your business.

The Dashboard is a browser based Rich Internet Application that allows users to quickly access real-time data and present it in customisable and visually appealing charts, tables, speedometers and KPI's. It provides a top down view of the organisation's data allowing businesses to quickly cut through complex data to make timely and informed critical business decisions. The Dashboard creates and stores KPI's in real time, enabling tracking of individual, team and corporate goals.

Improved Management Control

Selected Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) are automatically refreshed and monitored against user defined tolerance levels. KPI's outside of tolerance levels are highlighted. This early warning system enables users to take immediate remedial action - no more waiting until after the month-end to have a problem brought to your attention. Liberate BI delivers the information on which to base timely and informed business decisions.

Individual Information - Relevant and Secure

Sophisticated permission based security features within Liberate BI ensure users can only select and display information relevant to their area of the business - bringing focus and improved management control to every level within the organisation.

Support for Tablet/Phone

Liberate BI utilises the very latest in development technology – an option is available for clients wishing to monitor their business on the move. BI is available for iPad & iPhone users.

See what is happening within your business - as it happens

• Trend analysis
• Live key performance indicators – user defined tolerances
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The ability to drill down to the low level data enables users to navigate from high-level summaries to more detailed displays or click “sideways” to view associated data and reports. All of this in real time.

Liberate BI is not just confined to one database. Specialised dashboards can combine databases such as PMS and CMS with other business functions e.g. HR and CRM. This gives the widest possible view of the operation enabling management to drive the business forward.

• Drill directly into the case itself
• Manage risk – assess potential problems
• Monitor performance
• Browser based – run from ANYWHERE
• Fine tune your business

Business Intelligence