Blue Sky Law - Legal Accounting & Matter Management

Compliance, Efficiency & Customer Service

In 2007 Steve Gaunt, after spending time with leading practices in the North of England, decided to ‘do his own thing’ and launch a ‘boutique’ practice offering bespoke Commercial and Employment Law Services. Accordingly, in September of that year Blue Sky Law was born!

Building on his experience within large organizations Steve had firm ideas on how the company would operate. He wanted to take the ‘best-practice’ lessons he had learned and combine them with the level of personal service that large practices find difficult to create and maintain.

Steve: ‘We had the legal knowledge and were confident that we could offer a high quality service to our clients. However, I wanted Blue Sky Law to provide an approach and level of professionalism normally associated with large well-established practices and at the same time treat each client as an individual’.

 It was obvious to Steve that early adoption of Information Technology, whilst a major investment for a start-up organization, would play a major role in quickly establishing Blue Sky Law in the marketplace.

Steve again: ‘To keep an effective Overhead to Fees ratio we needed a system that we (the fee earners in the practice) could drive ourselves. We also needed a solution that was extremely scalable and would grow with us. The ability to work the way we want to work, un-restricted by the system was also of great importance’.

After discussions with several legal software suppliers, Steve decided upon a combination of two products from Linetime Limited. The Liberate Legal Accounting module and Express Matter Management system would be implemented as an integrated system.

The fully SAR compliant Legal Accounting module ensures Blue Sky Law meets all its obligations and happily ‘sail through’ all audit requirements. As Express is closely integrated with accounts client billing is extremely straight-forward, with time spent, fees generated and disbursement figures captured automatically. 

The document production capabilities of Express allow Blue Sky to speedily create documents in volume, without any lowering of quality and with a minimum of administrative effort.

A final word from Steve: ‘Installing a computer system in the early days of our business was a big investment, but it definitely has paid off. The accounts module is very easy to use and having time recording capability from day one has kept the good habits going. Express is essentially delivered as a blank template and will develop as we do, in line with our changing requirements. We have the speed, versatility and flexibility we looked for without having to invest in specialist IT or administration staff. We are really ‘punching above our weight’.

Keith Hutton, Linetime: ‘We are pleased to be associated with Blue Sky law and look forward to a long term business relationship with them. We are finding that the combination of our accounting and matter management products is proving very popular, especially with Private Client and Commercial lawyers. As Express is built with a Microsoft Outlook ‘look & feel’ it requires very little training, and the integration with accounts makes for very efficient and cost-effective operation’