Why Linetime

So you are looking for new software for your law firm? Where to start? Internet research? word of mouth? LinkedIn?Twitter? All great places for that first step into the unknown. Once you have done a bit of research and maybe narrowed down the list of companies you want to look at in more detail, it's time to start visiting their websites.

You are then bombarded with a mass of detail about what products they have, how the software integrates with your law practice, what extras there are etc. All well and good but what about what do their customers actually think?

At Linetime we have a number of case studies from our clients in which they give an in-depth view of how Linetime’s software has helped them grow and improve the service they give to their own clients.

For example Fran Rutherford, Head of Finance at Hay & Kilner says: “Liberate allows us to work in an efficient, compliant manner and has adapted with the firm as it has grown over the years”

Donna Morrell, Legal Assistant, Next PLC: “My working day has changed from being filled with repetitive admin to learning and developing new skills. There is an air of excitement when working on Liberate, a sense of calmness because you know if you come into a mountain of emails it only takes minutes to action them.”

Chris West, Chief Executive, Gillespie Mcandrew: "We were looking for a solution that would give us the ability to make workflow and document changes within the team, with no special IT skills, just reasonable aptitude that the team innately has to create and produce the system they need, not one designed by IT."

The design tools inside Linetime Liberate are easy to use, and it's simple to create forms and workflows within the software with no technical knowledge – one of the key reasons Gillespie Macandrew chose Linetime to work with. "Changes can be accommodated by the team quickly and easily, with no delay and we can be confident the changes have actually happened – because we're in charge of them."

Just some of the comments about how Linetime software has helped different departments, in different legal sectors. Read more of our case studies at https://linetime.co.uk/case-studies/ or contact us on 0113 250 0020 to arrange that all important demonstration.

You’ve started the journey let us finish it.