This years trends at Legal IT Business Show 2012

Following each Legal IT show we review the main themes running through the enquiries we receive.

This year it will come as no surprise to many that a number of visitors were looking at systems to support new ABS ventures. They were of course interested in robust back end workflow software coupled with front facing online access and client collaboration.

It was pleasing to see that many visitors did not fear the competition from ABS and were looking for systems to help improve their own efficiencies and competitiveness.

Law firms were looking for improvements over their existing document and matter management systems. The ability to maintain a single electronic file containing all correspondence, emails, images along with access to the financial ledger are seen as must haves. These requirements are further extended with other essentials being the ability to have on hand contact details of all parties involved with a particular case and the ability to manage document versioning and checking in and out.

Enquiries of how to handle compliance and risk were also strong. Firms were looking for case / practice management systems with compliance and risk management built in. Firms were looking for systems that offered a high degree of support for their COLPs and COFRs.

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