SharePoint Search your documents quickly and easily

Linetime have developed an interface between Liberate and the popular Microsoft SharePoint system. Liberate is very good at allowing the storage of a complete electronic file but the link to SharePoint now allows files and documents to be searched using its powerful indexing capabilities. This includes the ability to look for documents within documents e.g. attachments within emails. The search can also interrogate PDF’s and Oyez forms and can be performed for specific matters, a range of matters or system wide.

The link adheres to the Liberate rules on privacy, so that sensitive documents are protected and not accessible by unauthorised users. The search index can reside on its own SQL server to minimise the impact on live database performance. SharePoint itself can accommodate up to one hundred million entries providing good scalability and scope for expansion.

The system also allows the use of advanced search techniques (similar to internet Google searches). Two examples are as follows:

• Use proximity operators e.g. “Federated NEAR Search” will return matches where the word “Federated” appears within eight words of “Search”
• Use Synonym Operators e.g. “WORDS(TV, Television) to give equal weight to the word “TV” or “Television” in all matches

To explore this new and exciting Liberate option please don’t hesitate to contact any of our BDM’s for further information.