Rating your experts

When it comes to selecting which expert to use on a particular case a fee earner needs to know the history of the expert’s performance on previous cases. Without this knowledge the fee earner cannot be sure the chosen expert will achieve the best outcome for the case.

Linetime's case and matter management software allows the firm to retain records for experts and third parties. Each of these records can be categorised and can be assigned to multiple categories dependant on the individual’s specialisations.

When an expert / party is used on a particular case the practice can assess their performance and allocate a ranking. This ranking is then available when the time comes to select a particular expert / third party. The result is to help ensure the most suitable expert is selected to achieve the best possible outcome for the case.

If you would like to know more about Linetime’s case and matter management software please contact one of our sales team on 0113 250 0020 or email web@linetime.co.uk.