Private Cases and Cooperative Working

Privacy and security of data are key to law firms. Not least because of the provisions of the 1998 Data Protection Act. Liberate SE allows case and matter management data to be tightly managed in terms of security. Users of the system can be limited to their own types of cases e.g. Company Commercial, Banking and Finance, Aviation etc. Beyond that they can be restricted from accessing individual clients or individual cases. “Private” cases can only be accessed by designated individuals. This allows teams to work in secure collaboration and to perform different tasks on the same case.

Specific team members can be given access to particularly sensitive data. This may involve high profile clients or non-legal, administration files such as the acquisition of another firm. The beauty of using Liberate is the fact that all the data and documents are safely stored behind this pragmatic security barrier.

The security consideration also applies to searches. The search facilities within Liberate, all adhere to the privacy and access settings. If a case is marked as private, then the detail will not even be revealed by a conflict search. Instead, the operator will be advised that there is a potential conflict and told to inform a manager for any further resolution. This same consideration applies to the Liberate SharePoint interface. Documents belonging to cases that an operator does not have the access rights to will not appear within the results.

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