Linetimes Development Director gives his insight into the future of Legal IT

Our Development Director Phil Snee was recently interviewed by Legal Support Network on his views on the future of IT in law firms.

LSN's Industry Voices is series in which LSN's networkpartners give their insight into the legal market.

In this Industry Voice, Phil Snee, development director at Linetime, shares his views on what law firms will be doing in the future, what they could learn from other sectors and how they could become much more efficient - and more profitable.

What's the biggest or most important thing that law firms will be doing in five years time that they're not doing now?
"Many law firms are already moving inexorably towards a new client focused business model. This is being driven by a combination of pressures from competition, regulation and scarcity of business. There is also a rising level of expectation for quality service among customers. Why should legal services be markedly different from any other type of service?

Read the full interview at Legal Support Network website.