Monitor your practice performance with dashboard technology

Law firms, now more than ever, need to monitor their practice performance. Linetime have partnered with panintelligence to integrate their dashboard technologies with our Liberate software. This makes key business monitors available on the desktop as well as mobile devices including iPhones and iPads.

Linetime client, Wilkin Chapman Grange, implemented Liberate in conjunction with the dashboard. Their chief executive, Julia Whittaker, said the following in a recent case study.

“The firm has been using key performance indicators for some time, but fee-earners in the new firm now have daily 'dashboard' views of how they are doing against their KPIs, using data pulled from the PMS and processed by the BI module.”

“This business insight helps practice teams stay on track with work goals, because there are no big surprises, and management has a view of progress across the firm, offices and departments."

"Now that we have instant information, our visibility of the business is so much better and, crucially, more timely.”

"It's a transparent system and it has raised the significance and meaning of KPIs in people's minds. Everybody uses it, down to our post A-level intake, and it's made us all much more proactive. How much work are we doing? Where are the bad debts, and how can we resolve them? What are we doing right? How are we going to reach our target? It's a very dynamic way of working and measuring."

Fee-earners have responded well to the new methodology, Whittaker says. "At Wilkin Chapman Grange, people are part of setting their own targets, so they want to succeed and know how they're doing. Now they can proactively judge their performance and contribution on a daily basis. Our lawyers understand that technology can help them do a better job and they embrace it – we've found it to be an empowering and motivational tool."

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