Merging with Success - when two become one

When two firms become one, it's an opportunity to make one IT system for the new firm that builds on the best parts of each merging business.

Leading on change, not reacting to its effects

One of the opportunities of a law firm merger is that it's a chance to upgrade practice management systems, to match the best parts of each merging firm and the vision of the new business.

This might sound like spin – after all, binding two firms' systems or data together is often the pain behind a merger's strategic pleasure. But in the case of Wilkin Chapman Grange, a merger has allowed technology to deliver significantly more value to the firm.

Implementing a totally new practice management system (PMS) in just three months to back a strategic merger of 350 staff in 11 offices takes determination and courage. That's just what Julia Whittaker, partner and chief executive at Wilkin Chapman Grange, did

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