LSSA celebrates it's 21st birthday

LSSA celebrates it's 21st birthday
Congratulations to the LSSA on reaching this great milestone and as a member we are delighted to have been around for the journey.

The Legal Software Suppliers Association (LSSA) is the UK industry body for legal systems developers and vendors. Representing most of the leading UK suppliers, it aims to both set and maintain professional standards within the industry and manage areas of mutual interest between lawyers and software providers.

Linetime is one of the founder members of the LSSA and as such abide by the LSSA code of practice. As a leading supplier of legal software our customers and potential clients are safe in the knowledge that Linetime are bound by the LSSA Rules and Code of Practice. More details can be found at LSSA website:

Linetime pride itself on having such close ties with this great Association and as such our retired Chairman John Burrill was one of the original founders. John says “Back in 1996 legal technology was very much based around accounting, and Word processing was a stand-alone package, not linked to case management software as it is today. Technology spread from the accounts department in small and medium practices to other departments and then the centralised IT function was born. “We founded the LSSA to make the legal technology more professional and accountable and we wanted a Code of Practice to give customers a means of arbitration and confidence. We developed a disciplinary procedure whereby if a customer had a complaint against a supplier they had a form of redress if there was an issue. It transpires that the LSSA was, and still is, very ethical and forward-thinking.”

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