Linetime Liberate Time Recording

linetime liberate time recordingLost time!

Accurate time recording of fee earners’ activity is arguably more important today than it has ever been. Whether matters are fixed fee or otherwise, it is crucial to accurately understand and track where fee earners’ time is spent, for both billing and management information purposes.

However, many firms still experience high levels of lost time, whereby fee earners have either forgotten to time record a five-minute telephone conversation or a quick email sent between other jobs. This is often compounded where time recording is a discreet and separate activity which the fee earner completes only after an email has been sent or a phone call completed.

Efficiency through simplicity

Lawyers using Liberate do not have this problem. Even when they are working in MS Outlook, the Liberate system will automatically start time recording when filing emails into the DMS, sending emails directly from a matter, during telephone attendance, producing file notes, or even drafting letters.

‘Marginal gains’ is now universally recognised as a key factor in improving performance and effectiveness in many areas from international cycling where Dave Brailsford had great success with Team GB, to F1 motor racing teams’ high-speed pit stops saving critical seconds that win races.

Taking this same approach, Liberate’s time recording functionality is widely recognised as one of the best available. It constantly ‘nudges’ fee earners to record time and simplifies the whole activity by automatically completing the key data such as fee earner details, activity type, rate, etc., avoiding the need to ‘click’ here, there and everywhere.

This subtle attention to detail has huge real-time benefits in a working environment.

Measurable efficiency - not smoke or mirrors

Payback has been immediate for one recent new Linetime client. The firm was keen to monitor the real-time benefits of moving to a new system, as a key area of frustration with the firm’s previous system was the amount of lost time across the business.

During the first six months of using the Liberate software the firm has reported a 10% reduction in lost time firm wide.

This windfall alone could realistically pay for the entire system investment in a very short period.

Staying ahead of the curve

In addition to the highly intuitive and efficient core time recording facility, Linetime also offers a range of complementary time recording components including:
  • Mobile
    Available for Tablet or Smart Phone (optimised display
    Live time recording
    No client data stored on the device
    Access to case file correspondence
    Online file note produced, filed and time recorded
  • Business process (workflow) driven time recording
  • iManage integration with Liberate’s time recording, ledger enquiries and precedent library (i.e. where firms have already invested in iManage)