What will 2013 hold for all of us

A Happy and Prosperous New Year wish to you from all at Linetime, but what will 2013 hold for all of us? The Jackson reforms are due to start in April. Changes are also due this year to CCBC and the ministry of Justice A2A system. Our New Year message to all our customers is that we are ready to help you face these changes head on.

The ABS “threat” is still there or is it? Merely changing to an ABS is in itself only a change in the corporate structure, no worse than a few years ago when it was flavour of the year to convert to LLPs. The underlying business does not change unless other factors are brought to bear.

What is becoming apparent is that new entrants are joining the market. Whether these new entrants are foreign firms buying into the UK or investments from the wider commercial field such as James Caan of Dragons’ den fame. It is the influence of this new blood with new ideas that will change the market not just the act of becoming an ABS. 

But the pre-existing firms still have the advantage of being established and having a client base already, that is, if they use their knowledge of their clients to leverage the past and create a brighter future. The CRM module of Liberate is designed to do exactly this. Harnessing the wealth of client data held in the firm to market additional services to existing clients is a lot more profitable than looking for new ones, although, this module looks after new client marketing as well.

Business Information (BI) or better access to usable data will continue to be the key to success in the future. Real data, delivered in a timely way, will reward users with the ammunition to base decisions on whilst there is still time to act. The BI module in Liberate delivers relevant information to users in a format that you decide best represents the needs of the firm.

Coming soon: are Voyager and Collaborate. More information will follow shortly but for now, these products will deliver access to office systems with mobility, anytime/anywhere and with security. Watch this space.