Liberate Watcher looking out for fraud

Cyber criminals are sophisticated and the proceeds of cyber-crime can be huge. These two factors mean that computer based fraud and its shadowy perpetrators look set to be with us for the long term.

As the recent Wannacry attack proved, it is essential for everyone to ensure their systems are kept fully up to date and that people remain alert and are mindful of suspicious activity. Similarly, just as mechanisms and procedures emerge to help secure business transactions and communications, the enemy will contrive new and often brilliant ways to circumvent them.
Security at an IT level is important but most pundits share the opinion that the main weakness is 'people'. The Wannacry virus would not have spread if that first person had not clicked that first suspicious link or email. Money would not be sent to the wrong bank account if a particular person remained vigilant and performed timely checks to validate the circumstances.

Much of this boils down to education but IT systems can also help. Liberate now features a 'watcher' system whereby management can be informed if any particular aspect of data changes. Supervisors can also be alerted when unauthorised attempts are made to access records within the system. In addition, specific screens and workflows can be defined to automate security checks. This allows intelligent controls to be put in place to monitor and warn of any requests to change data considered to be vulnerable. Prime candidates include client contact information and bank detail notifications. This does require some configuration and planning but the benefits could make it well worth the effort. We are all under attack.