Liberate Self Serve provides secure communication

One of the major advantages provided by the new Liberate Self-Serve module is that it provides secure communication between the law firm and its clients. Traditional communication by email is regarded as a significant weak point in the battle against cyber crime. Emails can be intercepted and faked and there are numerous real life examples of security being breached with costly and disastrous consequences. With Liberate Self-Serve all communication is secure. Access to the module is governed by two factor authentication - password and pin code. All data and any messages or other communications are kept safely within the firm’s own network.

Clients can be encouraged to use the facility – not just because of the added security – but also the ability to be kept right up to date regarding their matters. The module is purposely designed for intuitive use without the need for any formal training. It even makes it easy for your clients to pay their bills once their matters are concluded!