Introducing ESignatures Within Liberate

Linetime are pleased to announce the latest addition to the highly successful Liberate Case Management system. A newly developed interface to the Adobe Echosign facility allows documents to be signed within the “cloud” then automatically stored within case history.

As well as providing a paperless option for client engagement forms, contracts and other documents, the efficiencies this link provides can drastically reduce the requirement for face to face meetings – a bonus for both parties. As well as the obvious green credentials in cutting down the volume of paper used, the interface provides an accurate and permanent record of exactly who sent what and when. This level of audit greatly assists practices in managing their risk and compliance.

It can also enhance the level of customer service and generate other cost savings due to the seamless automation. This is essential in this era of reduced margins, fixed fee work and increased competition.

There is a new generation of customer out there that expects to be able to transact via the internet. Businesses also expect modern processes and efficiencies as part of the service. This link provides exactly that.

The Adobe system has gained widespread approval in the US, UK and EU states. In many ways it is regarded as a more secure method of authorisation than a traditional signature. There is no cost to the end client and all they need is a valid email address. The system takes care of the rest.

Documents can be sent for signature with a single click or even sent by automated workflow. The progress and status of submissions can be checked and the end result is automatically attached to the file. Users can be notified by various means that a signed document has been returned including the ability to automatically trigger further workflow.