How to make CRM data entry work

An effective CRM system and regime is increasingly regarded as an essential part of the business processes within the modern law firm. One of the frequently encountered problems with many implementations is the issue of ensuring that the required data is both present and of good quality. The Liberate system and the integrated CRM module can help with this.

First and foremost, the data within Liberate data is all held in one place. If a name and address is correct for one usage then it will be correct throughout the system. There is also much less scope for duplication. In addition there are facilities to force entry of marketing data into “pop up forms” during matter creation and amendment. It is at this initial stage that much of the information required to run an effective CRM system is available and best captured. Add to this Liberate Client Connect that allows clients to update and amend their own details via a simple email link and you can start to impose some real quality control. All of this is key to an efficient CRM operation but also beneficial in terms of client service and risk management.