Help protect yourself from Cybercrime with Liberate Client Connect

Cybercrime is now said to cost UK industry £2.8 billion per year and that figure is growing. To help law firms ward against this threat Linetime has introduced several new features within the Liberate Legal Services Platform (LSP). One of the main reasons for the increase in exposure to this threat is the fact that lawyers and clients increasingly communicate by electronic means. Most law firms have now invested heavily in terms of IT security but they are unable to control the equipment used by its clients.

Many home PCs are not protected by up to date anti-virus software and system updates. This raises the threat of not knowing if it is really the client you are communicating with or a malicious criminal entity. To combat this the Liberate Client Connect facilities now allow a multi-layer of user validation designed to ensure that the person interacting with the law firm is who they are meant to be.

The new features available with Client Connect allow clients to be “invited” to log on by email followed by entry of a PIN communicated by SMS text and the insertion of a memorised password chosen and by the client at the start of the engagement. Once logged in successfully, the client can provide information to the firm through easy to define input screens which avoid the re-keying of data. They can also respond to instruction requests, check status updates and even activate workflows using the new Liberate LSP robot. All of this improves the quality of the interactive services being provided but in a safe and secure environment.