GDPR has arrived Data Manager and PDFDocs come into play

General Data Protection RegulationAfter months of anticipation, the General Data Protection Regulation is now finally in place. From the 25th of May 2018 all businesses processing customer data will be governed by the new stringent regulations. The rules mean that Linetime customers will have to adhere to various practices and policies including deletion of data when required. In response to this, Linetime have produced the “Liberate Data Manager” module that allows controlled deletion of customer data after the required retention period.

Another product that can help with compliance is the PDFDocs bundling facility. This allows firms to efficiently comply with requests to provide customer data in a ‘portable’ format by producing a consolidate PDF document from the case history.

For further information regarding Liberate and GDPR, please contact on for our Business Development Managers on 0113 250 0020 or email