E-SDLT Wizard E-Conveyancing assistant from Linetime

Accurate and timely completion of SDLT1 forms eliminates the risk of penalty and late payment charges. This maybe an obvious statement but how can you ensure that this does not happen to you.

The E-SDLT Wizard is available as an add-on to Linetime’s Liberate core Conveyancing Case Management software and has been specifically created to assist speedy and accurate completion and submission of SDLT forms.

The E-SDLT Wizard guides users through all of the steps required to complete the Oyez electronic SDLT1 form validating the input information as it is entered. As a large amount of the information within the SDLT1 form is already held within the Liberate Case Management system much of the form is automatically populated thus reducing the amount of keying required, ensuring accuracy and saving time.

The completed SDLT1 is submitted directly and securely to the HMRC Gateway which instantly returns your validated SDLT Submission Receipt. The Submission Receipt is filed in the Liberate Case Management System and triggers payment of the Stamp Duty. A printed version of the Submission Receipt can be used as an SDLT5 certificate and sent to the Land Registry.

The automation of payment and the ability to send property details for registration immediately, ensures prompt and complete file closure.

The E-SDLT Wizard is offered on a “per transaction” basis pricing. There is no up front software purchase cost and a web based training course is included in the service.

To discuss E-SDLT Wizard in more detail and discover how this product can help your busy conveyancing team to be more productive please contact us.