Did you know Linetime are a Mimecast partner

Mimecast is a market leader in email security
Did you know Linetime are a Mimecast partner? Mimecast is a market leader in email security, archiving and continuity service within the legal sector used by 147 of the Legal Technology Insider top 200 firms as at February 2017.

Key features of the security offering are protection against viruses and malware based on multiple virus scanning agents. It also defends against risk of spear-phishing and advanced threats in email, blocks spam, protects employees against social engineering and impersonation attacks, neutralizes threats from malware attachments and malicious URLs. In addition, an outlook addin allows users to manage their moderated on hold messages and because its cloud based clients benefit from the most current email security protections.

To aid with compliance every single email sent and received, whether they are external inbound, external outbound or internal, are archived for 99 years. Within the outlook addin, the archive can be searched based on all common email fields, sender, recipient, subject and content with the results returned typically in less than 2 seconds. Existing PST files and exchange mailboxes can be ingested into the Mimecast archive as part of the implementation process.

Continuity is provided by the 100% availability SLA. In the event your own email solution fails, Mimecast will continue to run and access to email is provided by the personal web portal or the Mimecast app for all mobile devices. Emails can be read, replied to and new emails composed until your issue is resolved.

The security and archiving solutions also aid GDPR by protecting against leak of personal data in the first instance and with the fine-grained control of the search utility the ability to respond quickly to opt out requests is provided.

With secure active directory sync, there is no need to manage the solution, once Linetime enable the service it pretty much looks after itself and of course, in the event of any issues we are on hand to provide assistance as and when required.

There are numerous other fringe benefits and optional extras. Standardised disclaimer and email stationary can be added to every email whether sent via outlook, mobile device or the web portal. The same consistent look is attached to every outbound email. Large file send solves all those problems with recipient mail size limits. Secure messaging works by the user composing an email as usual but the recipient receives a link to view the email in the secure Mimecast portal where it can be read and replied to. Sync and recover offers a higher level of resilience by giving users the ability to copy any items from the archive back to their own mailbox to protect against accidental or malicious loss.