Court Budgeting leaps upwards

The Liberate Court Budgeting module pragmatically raises the bar in terms of legal software functionality. In response to the onerous demands imposed by the Jackson reforms, Linetime decided to do more than simply “cater” for the precedent “H”. The decision was made to produce a Rolls Royce solution that automated the whole process.

The system has since been proven in a live environment by a prestigious and specialist London firm. It’s there, it works and it’s brilliant.

The Liberate Court Budgeting module makes an otherwise painful task relatively simple. Users can indicate, with ease, the different phases, tasks and segments for WIP and disbursements. This allows the system to build the completed precedent “H” in its entirety. As well as saving massive amounts of time and money this also governs the data management and quality of the underlying information. Supporting documents and reports for multi-track cases can be produced for submission to court, clients, cost draftsmen and other third parties. All of this can be retained to be used later to assist the calculation of budgets for future similar cases.