Compliance and Risk

During 2012 all legal practices will have to have a designated officer for Legal practice (COLP) as well as a Compliance officer for Finance and Administration (COFA).

As the burden of monitoring and enforcing compliance increases firms need to devise systems and processes to support their Compliance Officer to effectively and efficiently monitor their practices.

In order to do this Linetime have released their Outcome Focused Regulations and Lexcel V5 module. This module is available as part of the
Liberate practice management and case management systems.

The module supports:

• Managing policy and office procedure documentation
• Case overview
           o Featuring the file review checklists
           o Monitoring areas of compliance i.e. money laundering,
              conflict check, risk status, key dates
• Client care documentation
           o Charging structures
           o Case handler
           o Client Objectives
           o Agreed next stages
           o Terms & Conditions
           o Equality and diversity monitors
• Monitor progress
           o Quick access to view all files and their current compliance
           o File review checklist and risk monitor
           o High risk  - automatic notification to risk officer
           o Risk register
           o Complaints register and manager
           o Personnel Management

If you would like to see a demonstration of the new Linetime software call our Sales Team on 0113 250 0020 or email