Changes to the MOJ A2A Portal

Changes are being made to the A2A portal. Although relatively minor, these changes are mandatory for anyone using the integration to submit claims. The changes come into effect on 5th October 2018. They include:

• Introduction of a mandatory referral source field within the claims notification form
• Removal of the CNF funding fields
• Introduction of a maximum number of attachments
• Global offer calculations and CRU validation will be aligned for A2A users with the web
• The organisation name will be un-editable and claims will be submitted in the organisation name registered to the portal
• Removal of 1 day notifications to users
• Additional functionality to allow users to comply with GDPR requirements
• Functionality to delete a claim to comply with subject data rights

Linetime is currently working on the required alterations to Liberate and will be contacting individual customers directly to coordinate delivery of the upgrade.

For more information, contact your BDM on 0113 2500020 or email