Celebrations and reflections on our first 30 years

Here at Linetime we are celebrating our 30th birthday as providers of software and services to the legal sector.

Over this period we have seen many changes and developed multiple generations of systems. We have also gained extensive expertise and knowledge of the legal sector. More importantly we  understand the challenges facing the legal profession today.

Over 30 years we have seen the needs of the legal profession develop. Initially clients’ needs were relatively simple requiring accounting systems and no more. Today those needs are much more complex.

As software developers our role is to provide what clients need today but also to demonstrate what is possible. In the intervening years these possibles became the norm with firms benefitting from systems including case/matter management, online case tracking/collaboration, embedded CRM, online payments, compliance monitoring and business intelligence portals.

All of these systems have had various iterations over time as underlying technologies became available. This evolution allows a fresh approach to application delivery with clients benefitting from the transition of mature systems to these emerging technologies.

Even though we are celebrating  30 years we still look forward – What will the coming years bring? What do clients need? What will new technology make possible?

Some firms are making the transition to what is already available with others looking to “what next?”

For  firms looking to service the new generation of consumer and to compete with new entrants to the sector, Linetime’s latest web portals provide a new level of client interaction. To compete firms are looking to provide online touch points. Their clients  can not only view the latest case status, email history, access correspondence but also interact with their lawyer and provide information remotely. Collaborative working where the client supplies data online and uses other online services including payments are the next must haves when trying to attract the internet generation.

Linetime users benefit from the modern skills and technologies that we use backed by the experience and stability that 30 years brings to the market.