Capturing Lost Time

capturinglosttimeThis article appeared in the June 2019 edition of LPM (Legal Practice Management) magazine.

There is no question that law firms are serious about capturing and measuring performance data. The hours worked on a particular matter – hours which form the basis of KPIs such as billing and utilisation rates – are the lifeblood of a successful law practice. The big question is, are firms doing it as well as they could?

Phil Snee doesn’t think so. Out of a total of 10, he would give them a score of five, perhaps a six if he’s feeling generous. “They prefer the traditional ways,” he explains, talking about the requirement to input performance data. Admin tasks can take a back seat to the everyday practice of law. “They’re reluctant to do what they see as a non-legal process, although the new generation tends to be more amenable to it,” he says.

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