Alternative Legal IT 2012 - Review

This year’s Alternative Legal IT event was once again a great success. The event provided senior IT staff with the opportunity to discuss emerging technologies, the demands placed on them to provide greater efficiencies and the general IT challenges they faced and how others had overcome them.

Linetime once again sponsored the event as we strongly believe well promoted networking events benefit practices in ways traditional IT shows simply cannot. A strong element of the conference was the series of roundtable discussions. These took place across the two days of the conference. One of the discussions was hosted by Wragge and Co and proved one of the most popular. This is what writer Joanna Goodman wrote after the show

"One of the most popular sessions was led by leadership team programme manager Adrienne Mansfield, who described Wragge & Co’s recent workflow automation project. Although one case management system – Linetime Liberate – was used to create different workflows for volume and complex work, the main challenge was redesigning processes for diverse working cultures. Consequently the implementation took longer than anticipated, but the benefits to lawyers and clients are clear. Again the critical success factor was effective communication."

Please visit Legal It Professionals website for the complete article or view the Wragge and Co case study for more information on the workflow automation project.